New to Escape Rooms? We’ve got you covered!

The Tips and Tricks for First Timers

Over the years, our Games Hosts have guided thousands of escape roomers in their escape room experiences! Whilst we have seen our fair share of booty cracks (surely you can feel the breeze, right 🤯?) – we have also worked out what makes a successful escape room team! 

Let’s Start!

Firstly, you need to gather your team. We’ve found the best size for a team is 4-5 players. Once you have your team together you’re ready to choose a room and book in!

No hogging!

If you or someone in your team have been trying to solve something for over 5 minutes and have made no progress, pass it on to someone else. It can always help to have fresh eyes and get a new perspective. Escape rooms are a TEAM sport!

Don’t be super glued together.

Rather than moving around the room as a big unit and uncovering things together, try splitting up! Okay, I know what you are thinking – people who split up in horror movies tend to usually die! It is the exact opposite in our rooms! You NEED to split up so you can assess different areas of the room and begin finding multiple pieces to the puzzle. 

No question is a silly question.

 “Should we put our hand in the toilet?” If you have a question about anything you come across during your room, we can guarantee you won’t be the first or last to ask about it. Your Games Host is there to assist you! 


If you are onto something in the room, one of the worst things you can do is keep that mouth shut! You never know, what you’re looking at could be the missing piece you needed. We have seen many teams struggle purely because they didn’t mention things to their team. If you SEE something, SAY something!

Encourage each other!

The last thing you want to do is get cranky at your teammates for not solving a puzzle straight away, considering you’ll be stuck with them for a lifetime! Offer some encouragement and tell them they gave it a bloody good crack and they’ll surely get the next puzzle. When someone does solve a puzzle, get around them – clap, cheer, celebrate however you want and make that person feel like an escape room gangster! Even do a little dancy dance… the Games Hosts will love it! 


We hope these handy hints will have you not only escaping in no time, but looking like a goddamn escape room pro in front of all your friends and family! 
So, what are you waiting for? Book your escape room here NOW! 

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