Who Are We?

ESC Rooms is a family run escape room experience, all designed and built in house here in adelaide! our part owners and siblings, alana & niko, opened ESC in 2020.

They have answered a few questions…

Who are the team behind ESC?

Tell us a bit more about yourselves?

After competing on The Amazing Race Australia in 2019, we were inspired the following year to take on a new project. We both loved activities and competition, so opening an escape room just felt right! We knew we would have a lot to learn and that opening during COVID would be a challenge - however, we persevered and are proud of what we have achieved. As young entrepreneurs, we could not have done it without the support of our incredible family.
We are creative people so are constantly thinking of fun and whacky ideas. Every so often, we have big family meetings where we all come up with a game concept and design. We then pitch our idea. We eventually settle on an idea that is achievable and that is when the game design process begins. We always ask our staff for ideas too - we like everyone to be involved.
Working at ESC is like working with your friends and family! The culture is friendly, supportive, warm and very approachable. We encourage fun and silliness at work - as we believe this energy transpires right back to the customer. We love taking our staff out to support the other escape room venues around Adelaide.
We noticed a lack of activities that were both competitive and team based. When the escape room was born - we were excited. An activity where you not only get to hang out and bond with the people you love, but you also get to challenge yourself! Without even realising it amidst all the fun, you are actually learning and developing new skills that are handy in all aspects of life. Where else can you run from a serial killer or uncover Da Vinci’s inventions in a secret lair? You get to be fully transported somewhere else for an hour.
SAW was the first horror escape room to open up in Adelaide! It was also the first escape room to have a live actor moment, which we think amps up the immersion. Da Vinci is the type of room you go into if you want to feel totally immersed and transported back a few hundred years. The interior is mind-blowing and we think it is the best looking room we have ever seen (no bias obviously!!). The puzzles are a twist on his inventions - so it is like an escape room and history lesson all in one. There is a Code RED alert! If you want logical puzzles that give you an AHA moment - then this is the experience for you. Challenge yourself with our optional Expert level. Hangover is good-time room. It is inappropriate, silly and guaranteed to squeeze out some chuckles.

Designed In House

From the beginnings of an idea to designing an entire room- everything at ESC Rooms is done in house! 

We pride ourselves on having unique and original ideas, puzzles and themes! 

Alongside this we also design, create and build each room ourselves! 

One of Adelaide’s Most Highly Rated Escape Rooms

With a 4.9 star Google Review Rating we can guarantee an awesome experience with us!

Located just 10 minutes from the CBD, ESC Rooms is the ultimate adventure for those looking for something unique, exciting and let’s be real, a little bit competitive 😉